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First Taekwondo Tournament- Blue Dragon Taekwondo Academy

Nicholas has his first ever Taekwondo tournament. I am very impressed on how happy every kid actually is. We go to enough birthday parties, activites and stuffs, and this is the first time I remember 5 years old or so kids gather up themself and ask for pictures. Apparently, they feel the event is very special for them. Everyone is just happy.

I was shooting with my 200mm lens, so most of them are close up. If you are looking for demo pictures, you can checkout the last set in March. Anyway, we started with form touranment. The judges are all dressup and very professional.

First "couple" to go.

Second "couple" to go.

The judges.

The master's making the opening speech.

Alana was first to go. Four direction punch.

Nicholas was next with four direction block.

I always complaint that he does not kick high enough, in fact, I just learn he does. It is just that a first years old has shorter legs :)


Both are first in their own group :) It is interesting to note that there is a slight math computation booboo in here :)

The medal for the kids.

Eric was in Nicholas's sat class a couple of years ago. He is so tall and handsome now :)

Happy face.

Bad bad, kindergarten teacher really does not like kind of funny face ...

A much more serious green belt.

Friends taking pics together.

The judges watched ...

and then they scored.

More happy face ...

Here is one of the most TKD talented kids in the school, and he even knew to look at the carmera :)

Breaking was next after form.

Hand knife ...

And then kick ...

Roundhouse kick.


Side kick.

More good breaking.

Kids looked on.

The demo team is next after forms and breaking. Here was the warm up ... track and field style.

Demo started with a little bit of form presentation.

With a mix of kicking/breaking.

And fighting.

Weapon demo.

Super high breaking.

More forms.

A lot of fighting, breaking, kickings ... stuffs that kids love to watch.

Next was the sparring part of the tournament. And Nicholas was first to go.

Kick ...

More kick.

Punch ... with the judge scoring on the left (watching closely).

Nicholas had back to back opponents. Each round for 5 years old is 1 min. There were two rounds per pair. I believe this was the third round that day.

Parents were "couching" on the side line.

Actually, this is the third time Nicholas ever does any sparring. He kind of hurt his left leg while jumping (from real high) in a friend's birthday party the week before, so he cannot really kick with his left leg. In any case, he went through with the 4 1 min sections (this is the last one) - Good sportsmanship (if a 5 years old can understand that concept :)


We finished sparring for this division (5 years old and under).

Everyone has fun and is actually friend to each other. Sparring is very good competitive exercise stressing on concentration. Good job everyone (kids, judges, organizers) on that day.


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