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First Taekwondo Belt Test - Blue Dragon Taekwondo Academy

Here is Nicholas's first TKD belt test. From white to yellow :) There are pictures of a great TKD demo after the test. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Nicholas has been studying at Blue Dragon for a couple of years. Grandmaster Thac Nguyen is his teacher. We initially sent him there to improve his hand / eye coordination. And it turns out to be a great class for discipline as well as exercise. Out of all the sport classes (tennis, scoccer, dancing, swimming, etc.) we send him to, this is the best one around. (Swimming class is also good, I will post a page later.)

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Nicholas has a running test with 6 laps in a standard track before qualifying for the following test.

We start with all the younger students sitting down to get ready.

The judges are introduced.

Yep. Nicholas is number 1 and the first one to start testing. He is in blue. (I should bring a longer lens and bigger flash). They are doing form testing.

The five years old version of push up.

Next one is the cute little girl.

... who can do a leg split without any effort. All the parents are like .... wowww.. ...

Relax a little after the first part of the test.

Max is next.

Compared with the kid tester, check out how "big" the judges are.

Parents are watching ...

Judges concentrate on scoring the tester.

Sparring test is next. Only big kids take part in this part of the test.



Older kids come after young ones.

Now, it is time for breaking test.

He is the first one to go ... Ready ...

Break. (I actually miss the photo for hand breaking ...)

More breaking by himself ? 5 years old ...


After the test, there is a great TKD demo. Double jump kick.

More breaking demo.

Four boards at the same time!

There are also some good weapon demos.

Sparring demo.

The amazing young man who breaks three concrete boards.

And four for the girl. (She is older but still very good)

Very good :)

Here is a great one to watch.

Good job everyone.

Time for test results and the belt if you pass.

Here is a good good student who can skip belt to move up faster.

Students are waiting for results.

Yeah! Pass and move up to yellow belt.

After all the excitement, Nicholas goes back to his funny, facing making self.

Of course, there is no question that TKD is good for you since I used to study under Grand Master Kim Soon-Chul in the silicon valley when he taught here.

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