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Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga

Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989) is regarded in Japan as “The God of Comics” and “The God of Animation”. He has been an icon of the Japanese manga (graphic novels) movement. The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco will host the Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga, tributed to the master Tezuka.

As reported by Yahoo, this major exhibition—the first of its kind to be staged outside of Japan––features more than 200 works including original drawings, covers, and posters that trace the artist’s development, the television and anime series inspired by his work, as well as his adult-oriented manga, introducing Western audiences to the complexities and extraordinary range of the manga form. An accompanying resource room will offer activities and anime screenings. The Asian Art Museum will serve as the only U.S. venue for the exhibition.

I lived in the bay area, and of course, I will go to check it out.

The outside of the museum are "enhanced" by art works from Tezuka. Asian Art Museum 200 is located at Larkin Street San Francisco, California 94102.

The museum is actually converted (with millions of $) from a library. You will be greeted with the information desktop. Then, going to the right is where the coat check and bathroom are. Going to the left is where a life size astro boy is!

It is probably bigger than a "real" astro boy. You can compare this with the kid by its side.

Various poster size Tezkua's art works are presented.

Ok, I cannot get enough of this cute boy.

The museum store also features a lot of astro boy and other tezaka manga related items.

The problem with the store is that everything is VERY expensive. The stuff toy on top costs you $65 US and the right bag on the right hand side is somewhere around $125 or so. The cup is $20 US ... I did, however, get the exclusive Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga book which is produced between the museum and tezuka production.

The store is nicely done in any case.

There is a manga lounge in the corner where it is a place setup for people (old and young) to experience different manga and related items.

Here is the sample manga fan's room. And my wife pointed out that I have a lot more than what you have in here :) They could come to me next time for help.

There is also a place where you can draw some manga character for fun.

Here is the actual main tezuka exhibition with original works and related items. Photography is not allowed. I cannot remember how I get this picture :)

There is also a guy here who is creating a new manga.

Another look at the store.

Bye bye. Astro boy :)


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