setstats Talent Show Spring 2010

Talent Show Spring 2010

Nicholas's fourth piano recital happens to be the School Spring Talent Show in 2010. It is the first performance since he turned six years old. We dressed him up, and he is excited and happy to perform for everyone in school. Here is the video.

Coming to stage.

Song starts.

Middle of the song.

Say goodbye to audiences.

Let's go back to the beginning and check everyone out. (I only bring a 17-55mm lens, so no close up today :)

Instructions are given to everyone to sit down.

I think at least 8 classes are there in the first performance. (Nicholas did two on the same day).

The first group is the karate group.

Here is one of the MC (host) for the day.

Nicholas is up next in second position.

A singing talent is next.

Indian culture dancing is next.

Another piano talent.

The MC pairs.

I believe this is a modern poem.

Singing talent is next.

Students and teachers are watching the show.

The two cute india culture dancers.

They are fun to watch.

Another good piano performance.


A very fun team of three person group dancers.

More martial arts.

Another singer is next.

Ar, this is a fun fun group to watch.

I remember watching something similar in an indian wedding. So cool.

Another piano performance is up.

More cool singing.

A great ballet dancer is next.

Dancing with Micheal Jackson and Indian culture theme.

More piano playing.

Solo dancer.

The American flag poem.

The final pianist is up.

Hawaiian dancers!

The bigger girl gives a great solo performance as well.

Some of the parents (?) are up as well.

All the hosts come out and close out the talent show.


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