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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 9-2

More from Cripta Crypt.

Here is a shoot from cripta crypt looking at the back of the wall.

Next stop is Museu de Macau. The Macau Museum. It is right next to the wall. So, you can walk from cripta crypt.

You have to pay to get in.

Long long elavator for the kids to ride.

The entrance of the museum.

If you need a cup of joe ... there is a cafe.

Yes, yes. You can get a cheap (but good) key chain with your chinese last name on the bottom.

Let's go to the museum.

Here are the tickets. Forgot how much I pay, but I think it is just 10-20 US each.

Let's tour the museum ... these are non-SLR pics, so you have to bare with the pics ...


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