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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 9-1

Continue on our trip in Macau. The view of the hotel room is great.

You get the nice buildings as well as the ocean.

Designer shampoo and conditioner.

Ar, here is the food that I will bring back to Hong Kong to relatives as well as to my home in the States.

The lobby of the hotel is also very pretty. Most people don't pay too much attention as they are really into the gambling.

The tooth of elephant. Of course, stuff like this is banned in the United States.

A big jade rock statue.

Traditonal stair cases ...

What the kids care the most is ...

... who can press the button first? ...

Here is one of the top chinese restaurant in the hotel.

Fancy pants green shrimp dumping. (Normally, it is white). And it is sitting on top of a thin slide of carrot instead of the normal paper.

And yes, it is probably a night club after dinner with girls and stuffs. The sofa can slide in and out so people (the girls) can move from table to table ...

My son's favourite dim sum.

Spare rib on rice. Ar ... would learn to use my macro mode better ...

Xmas of course brings Santa Clause.

One of my favourite dim sum is ...

the soup filled dumping.

Oh yes, one just for myself.

Not very green as there is a shark fin inside ...

Another food item that I love. The fry sticky rice wrapped by lotus leaves ... oh yes.

After the big lunch, we head out to the Sam Ba Sing Tzik which is the remaining front wall of the Sacred Ruins of St Paul's Church.

Here is the view from a kid's point of view.

On the other side of the front wall, the whole area is built out with a museum and rest area.

Here is the back of the wall. There is a steel stage you can walk up from the side stairs. You can see that everything is steel supported.

I think after 5 he starts to use the V sign for most of the pictures. Probably a by-product of watching too many kamen riders.

There is actually a little temple on the back side of the chruch's wall. Pretty neat.

You can see the hotel that I live in (the big V-V shape building) from the top of the wall.

Here is what the museum / rest area looks like from the top of the wall (the back).

Here is the front of the wall.

Let's go to the cripta crypt (the museum as called by some locals).

All types of items are displayed, and admission is free.

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