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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 7

More having fun in Hong Kong. Here is my home school. I studied there for 6 years. I realized how much I love it after I have been in the US for years. It is such as good school. Teachers and fathers are great. Students are nice. The place is good. And the core values being taught are all down to earth.

I travel up and down these stairs for years.

The school is big even in US standard :)

The little church I go to every week for years. I make sure I went back and sit there for a while ...

Initially, the high school reunion comes out to be around $100 US to join for each person. Not too many people sign up ... so, one secret alumni told the organizers that he will cover everything. So, there a 100+ people event all paid for ... and most people shows up :)

The food are pretty good.

Moving on. This is not me by the way. Here is a demo on how you should eat the snack food selling in the street of Hong Kong. You have to curve your body in a way that when the juice comes out, it will not make a mess of whatever you are wearing.

Here is the street of Mong Kok in a random weekend. A lot of people.

You can get there by exiting the Mong Kok MTR station and take the bank center exit.

Next, I travel all the way to Hang Hau to visit a friend. Again, use the MTR and exit the Hang Hau station. There is a series of big malls.

Here is the simple cafe.

Kids never get tried of taking the train / MTR. It is just fun with door opens and closes.

There is a toysrus in Hang Hau. Here is a quick look inside.

Selection contains not only "asian" stuffs but also "western" toys :)

Of course, chinese god father is there to gift a present or two :)

In this particular complex of malls in Hang Hau, you can get to the expensive restaurants or you can go to the food court for some "student food". Student food is the type of lunches they designed for students. Super cheap and teenagers friendly. Like this one.

It is not a lobster but a hugh sausage.

And of course, the egg and deep fried pork with rice and sause. The type of food I ate when I was going to school.

And of course, the dry fried rice noodles with beef. There is so much oil in there that you can use to cook a whole week of meals at home ... oh well, if you are a young student, you can do this ...

Back to Tseung Kwan O ...

Somewhere in Dec, there is an official date under the chinese calender to indicate the offical start of Winter. And this "Make Winter" date becomes a date where family members get together and eat some good traditional chinese food.

Chicken is a must have dish for "Make Winter".

Well, you can always go out after dinner and have some more fun ...


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