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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 5 - 2

Ok, let's go get more stuffs to eat :)

Here is a famous restaurant for Peking style dishes. You can reach here from the central MTR station.

The place is supposed to be higher end, so there are a lot of nice decorations.

Here is a traditional soup called "wall pa" soup, or crispy rice soup. The white stuffs on the left is actually fly rice packets. When you put the white rice inside the soup, it will make a bubbling sound. Very fun and delicious.

Here is the combined version. (Better learn to use the macro mode better :)

Here is my son's favourite northern dim sum.

The famous dish of this restaurant: perking duck.

And the one I love: pot sticker.

This is also a traditional dish: Shanghai Noodles.

Here is one of my favourite desert dishes. They are actually apples. So, here is what you do:

1. Light them up in fire (with some alcohol).

2. Dump them in cold ice water, so the surface will be crispy.

When the process is performed correctly, they actually taste very good.

Ar, there is an almost transparent center elevator that will bus the food from the kitchen downstair to the seating areas. Kids love to see the food go up and down and up and down.

Thank you auntie for lunch :)

From the restaurant, you can walk to another shopping area called IFC. IFC actually stands for International Finance Centre, but the office buildings are sitting on top of a high end mall area.

There is a nice "garden" at the top of the mall.

Here is a kid that hides in between all the expensive clothing. (And yes, the whole thing falls down when he comes out ...)

Eating needs to be paired up with some otaku RC modeling shopping :) Let me use my gundam MTR ticket to go.

Here is the on ground (not under ground) train in Hong Kong.

Let's first visit Wago. It has been around in Hong Kong for a long time. It specializes in RC models.

There is a group of model/toy stores in that area. Wang Kee is another one.

Here is another one that specializes in die cast cars. (I forget the name of the shop). (Pics are kind of bad, sorry).

My friend (who goes with me) owes a real one.



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