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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 4 - 3

Let's go do some sight seeing.

There is a Gundam Expo coming up and special MTR tickets are on sale.

When I go to schools in Hong Kong, there is only two lines on the map. Now, you can go almost anywhere with MTR.

In the central MTR station, there are extra nice declaration for everyone to see.

It shows the "old" Hong Kong.

There is a nice park right outside of the exit in front of Hong Kong bank. They upkeep it so well it looks like the same park I visit years ago. You can tell from the architecture that the park is built from decades ago.

Walking from the Central MTR station, you can get to the Hong Kong Peak Train station.

You can take a picture while in line.

And of course, you can ride the Hong Kong Peak Train from the Central station to the Peak station.

At the top of the peak station, there is a very touriest oriented shopping malls. And the prices are actually not bad.

Of course, there is a wax musuem.

There is also information on riding the Tour of Hong Kong bus where you can ride in open top Hong Kong bus to travel around the city.

The stores sell some of the most interesting toys that you can find. Here is a car that can ride on the walls.

A look of the peak.

Inside the Peak shopping mail. You have to pay extra to get to the top. But then, the kids love the sight seeing part.

Here is the ride back to Central peak train station.

A look inside the train :)

After Peak train, you can travel one MTR station from Central to Admiralty to visit pacific place.

This mall is one of the high end malls in Hong Kong with nice decal.

After all the sight seeing and eating, it is time to go visit grandma.

Some of the MTR trains have ads all over the inside.

And yes, most of the gundam collectible tickets are sold out.




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