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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 4 - 2

Let's do some good eating .... Mmmm, how about some Japanese noodles / ramen ??? Well, these might be too standard, so let's do something else.

How about some snake soup?

It actually tastes very good. It was a tradition to eat snake in the winter when I grow up.

The special "King Chicken".

The "Eight Treasure Duck".

And "Shrimp and Egg".

After that, I went with my friends to a famous desert place. Here is a desert place closed to the "Tin Hau" MTR station.

A lot of movie / tv stars ate here.

Here is a "ja ja".

The "Red and White".

And I ordered a "Cotton Ice".

Mango ice ... Mmmmm ... Yummmy ...

You can also do some more shopping / window shopping.

There are a lot of shops around sogo department store.

When you are hunguy, you can eat nearby again :)



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