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Shopping Eating and Having Fun in Hong Kong - Part 2

Here is a desert place that I will go multiple times every time I visit Hong Kong. The store is originally from Macau and I love their ginger milk desert! This particular store is in causeway bay. You take the MTR and exit in the SOGO exit at the causeway bay station.

Causeway bay in the Hong Kong island will have so much to offer during the whole week. A section of the street is usually block off as "walking zone".

You will find all types of people selling and/or promoting new products.

Here is a booth that provide free makeup section in the middle of the street.

Every now and then, there is also open top bus that will drive around to promote new movie, book, etc.

Here is a promotion with the a movie with 12 girls on it ...

It is x'mas time, so there are big xmas trees in every other malls.

Of course, there are cosplayers around. They are not as popular as in Japan. But you do see them for various promotions. Hong Kong people called them "image girls".

It is a relatively free society. So, there are also people expressing their unjustice in the middle of the street. Here is one just outside of the SOGO super department store.

Of course, with all this sight seeing, you will get hungry. Here is my favourite won ton noodles. Yes, this store is up for years and very famous.

On the other side of the street, there is classic shanghai style sticky rice. There are dry pork and chinese fry donut inside.

After the refill, let's walk along side the Hong Kong train towards Wan Chai direction.

You can take the train or just check them out while walking. Here is a Hello Kitty one :)

If you want to check out otaku type of good such as games, model, resin figures, (japanese porn CDs), the mall called 188 is where you want to go. Again, it is in Wan Chai. You can walk from causeway bay or use the MTR Wan Chai station.

One of the reasons you want to walk from causeway bay is that there is a lot of other shops along the way, here is Tower Hobby.

Again, go inside 188 and check it out. No picture this time since I don't want people to hit me in the face :) Normally, they don't all you to take pics. (I do have some later on ...)

If you are into chinese snacks, here is the a good for you. It is very close to 188.

Waile Model Center is one of the few true model shops left in Hong Kong. A lot of them did not make it these days since a lot of people are into toys instead of building models by themself. But Waile is still good after all these years.

Ok, time to eat again. Here is another one of my favourite store. They specialize in white noodle like this. It is on a side street from SOGO.

Needs to learn better how to use the point and shoot in Macro mode.

The night falls but it is still young. So, you can do more window shopping / shopping back in causeway bay :)


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