setstats Kindergarten Halloween Parade 2009

Kindergarten Halloween Parade 2009

We are so lucky to have a good elementary school nearby. And better yet, we have a great kindergarten teacher (the nurse below :) for my older son Nicholas this year. Here is the fun they have in Halloween 2009. The parade starts as a whole bunch of parents are waiting outside of the room for the kids to come out.

Nicholas cannot hide his happy face.

All the kindergarten kids are gathered in the open area first.

Then, the parade starts!

There are a lot of dress-up kids :)

They start walking around the playground.

Then they run towards the outside of the school. Everyone is so excited.

Looping around the parking lot of the school.

Now, they enter the covered area where other kids are waiting to start.

Passing through the covered area to the other side of the playground.

Teacher is holding hands with some kids at the end to make sure the line for the class is all going fine.

Nicholas is showing off his doctor's tools to his friends.

Supergirl, firefighter, batman are all here.

I believe this is the Ninja guy from the movie GI Joe.

... kicking the cone ...

More looping into the background.

The kids go from running to walking mode.

The teachers.

The parade actually composes of two big loops. So, we are back in the covered area.

The kindergarten teacher from the next room. My wife said she had a great smile and will do well in a camera commerical. :)

Parents are taking pictures of their kids.

We are finally back to the class room. The kids are almost out of energy. So, they are happy to be back.


Little snow white.


Some types of princesses.

Nicholas the doctor.

Power ranger. I believe he is a younger brother of someone in the class.

Drug free little man.


Thomas the train engine.

The black power ranger.


The doctor and the white ninja.

Another power ranger?

Mr Skeleton

Red power ranger.

San Jose Shark player? The hair looks cool.

I so want to be timed out funny face.

Clone war trooper.

Bye bye everyone.

:) Thx!

Everyone is back to the classroom and they have candy bags / snacks / movie and finish up the rest of the day as happy kids.

One of the best school parades I have been too. Simple, efficient and everyone is happy.


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