setstats Piano Recital Summer 2009 - Melody Academy of Music

Piano Recital Summer 2009 - Melody Academy of Music

The ability to read and play music is probably one of the best things you can give/inject into your kid. It is a little sad that a lot of public schools now have to cut back on music classes due to tight budget, etc. And parents have to pay good amount of money (like the cost of a super high end chirashi sushi) for EVERY lesson. Anyway ... after waiting for months for the official DVD of Nicholas's winter recital to come back, I finally got it. I even make a little movie using some iMovie magic in my Mac Book Pro. He plays more (relatively) complex stuffs now, but it is fun to see how he was back last year. This was the second recital he did in 2009. He did one recital back in the summer.

Here is a quick video for Nicholas!

:) :) The kids laugh every time when they hear "The Bug Boy". I think the song is actually called The Beagle Boy.


Warming up at home.

Getting ready with Victory pose.

Three fingers ???!

Nicholas and Kamen Rider Faiz.

Trust me, the kids are totally sold on the trophy they received :)

You have to excuse me for the picture quality since I did not really bring any gear as I was told photography is not allowed. (However, almost all parents take pictures and video by themself anyway ...)

Everyone is happy :)

Nicholas's sweet piano teacher - Ms Wendy.

More picture with Ms Wendy.



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