setstats Hot Import Night - Nightshift - Pleasanton california 2007

HIN Nightshift - Pleasanton, CA

Nightshift (Hot Import Nights outdoor) hits Northern California on September 30, 2007. It brings along with it the usual posse of spruced up hot rods and silicon-injected bosoms. Hot Import Nights hosts single-night events in a number of different cities across the US, with an average of roughly two such events per month. If you want to check out the many many pretty show girls, please go to the GIRLS section.

The locales include standard metropolitan cities such as Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL, as well as more exotic ones such as Honolulu, HI. The show is open to the public, with general admission ticket prices between $25 and $30.

Individuals wishing to show off or exhibit their own vehicles pay a higher fee of around $30 per motorcycle or $55 per car. Many noteworty hip-hop and rap musicians also perform at this show, drawing much of the crowd away from the cars some of the time.

Here is an option if you prefer to have a waterfall in your trunk ...

I paid $55 for two people to get in and take a bunch of pictures. Most of the pictures are pretty girls. So, please make sure you checkout the model/girl section.

I want music, really really load music. Please ....

There are some showing of Benz and BMWs. However, most of the them are just stock looking car except this one.

You can play some RC if you wish. However, most of us are there for the girls.

Drifting is shown. But it is hard as hell to see anything. No so ideal setup ...

Dunlop provides free haircut for anyone who wants to have the dunlop logo cut in the back of the head.


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