setstats The Museum of Flight (Seattle) - Part II

Museum of Flight (Part II)

This is the first flying fighter ever! It is the actual item and not a replica. The next picture shows where the only machine gun is. It is operated by the pilot while he/she is flying the plane.

Continue on our tour for Museum of Flight are the planes on WWII and pre-WWII. Again, the Museum of Flight's collection of aerospace artifacts is the largest and most comprehensive in the western United States, holding true to the Museum's mission to "acquire, preserve, and exhibit historically significant air and space artifacts which provide a foundation for scholarly research and lifelong learning programs that inspire an interest in and understanding of science, technology, and the humanities." In other words, they have many many things that most people have not seen before.

I believe this is the one of the original factories for Boeing. At the time, most parts were made of wood.

There is also a good size store for shipping.

The concorde is retired. However, it is a big hit at the museum since everyone wants to checkout how you will sit when travelling faster than the speed of sound.

Can anyone say "engine details"?


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