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Mong Kok - Hong Kong

Mong Kwok is the place I usually go to pick up all my RC model kits. I actually picked up all my 1/16 tanks (Tiger I, King Tiger, Panther) there. There are also a whole bunch of toy store there as well. Many, many.

Anyway, here is the grand opening of a new place called Langham Place (朗豪坊) in Mong Kwok . Built according to the Hong Kong Government urban redevelopment scheme, and at 59 stories high, it is the tallest landmark in Mong Kok.There is a new hotel nearby with a new shopping mall inside. The mall is a normal mall so no otaku materials there. I do, however, enjoy the architecture of the building a lot.

Here is a nice tower for advertisment.

Did you see the old buildings outside the window? In fact, the new building is surrounded by old buildings all around.

Another nice and crazy structure inside.

There is an elvater all the way to the top of the building.

That will scare the scrap out of your two years old.

Starbucks coffee all over the world (on the right).

Christmas declaration.

Going down ... oh yes, there are stairs on the right that you can use. However, kid stroller cannot be used in those stairs.

Did I mention the shopping actually suck inside? Well, the building is new, so you have to go there once to check out. (I have not been back since 2004 :).


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