setstats Preschool Halloween Party 2009

Preschool Halloween Party 2009

Here is Benjamin's preschool halloween party :) The pre-K starts by singing the halloween songs. Benjamin is not yet pre-K, so he is not singing.

Instead, he is getting ready to go parade!

A friend of ours' daughter is singing

Yeah. Ready to go. He is a candy corn.

He is also holding a custom made (by him) candy bag.

Nicholas the doctor also stops by.

The beginning class is ready to go parade!

Let's go.

They basically walk around the outside play area with various people giving them candy along the way.

Yeah. First halloween candy of the year.

Oh yes, make sure it is in the bag.

More donation.

Hat is failing off.

More candy.

Papa will eat this one.

Cute cat woman is holding Benjamin.

More candy.

The doctor also gives Benjamin more candy.

He seems to be checkig out things on one side.

Still checking.

Ar, someone just gives you candy. But he did not realize.

When he turns the other way, he thinks she missed him.

Still waiting .. where is my candy? :)

Oh well, continue ...

They have to walk two rounds and you can tell they are getting tired.

Of course, more candy is welcome.


More walking ..

Need to check every now and then to make sure everything is still there.

Of course, he will ask you to hold it when it gets too heavy.

Alright, back inside to party and eat!

Oh yes, "I love this color".

What is inside this blue one?

Daddy just brings you a plate of halloween party food.

Still in love with the blue gummy bears.

What else is in here?

A pink one. Pink is worse than the blue bag. (We usually ban candy at home except chocolate).

Ok, finally the gummy bear bag is opened ...

One more. Actually, he usually just licks it once and dump it.

Back to "normal" food.

Bye bye :)


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