setstats Otaku Things to Buy - Japan Trip 2012

Otaku Things to Buy - Japan Trip 2012

By S Leung, R Sinn. (Apr 25, 2012)

Fun shopping items brought to you by team OpenHappy. We have a super fun time in Japan for 5 days to check out sakura. Before Japan, we were in Hong Kong for 8 days or so. Super cool haha. Let's check out what we bought ... :) :)

So, this load is mix of Hong Kong and Japan goodies. On the left is fanny candy from Japanese department store. Right is cup noodles from 24 hours store in Japan! Instant noodles baby!

Mix Japanese snack food from the Japan airport, they taste very good.

Iroiro rabbit stuff animal.

My Melody from Harajiku. You will notice that I can do shopping for both guys and girls haha.

Limited Rilakkuma stuffs from the speciality rilakkuma store.

Super fanncy sweet for Deko in Japan.

All the kills with my TV from the museum haha.

Some magazine, hong kong snack, and british style chocolate! The green bag is from Japan Fish Market.

The snacks at the bottom are from mark and spencer.

The throwing toy only cause 5 USD in Hong Kong.

Some tomica normal and special edition from Japan. A RAH kamen rider from akiharaba in super good price. Brand new, half the price.

Middle are eggs I got from Japan gundam cafe for my sons.

The tamiya towel is limited edition from the tamiya store.

The reborn gundam for me, and the 5 car transfomer things for my kids.

And kamen rider stuffs that is also cool as Tomomi Itano haha. Tomomi Itano is actually in Kaman Rider W if you have not watch the series.

The grey one piece jacket from the Uni flag ship store in Ginza. There is a HUGE of rescue phenix for my kids behind the My Melody bag.

Super cool official Hong Kong police wear from an old friend on the left and fun fun bed sheet from Hong Kong.

Go one piece!

Itano, you look so fine :P

The blue box is from Gundam Cafe in Akiharaba.

Little resurce force cars. The series is super kids friendly.

Yeah, the PS3 unicon game.

Three bottom of Japanese sex toys. Make great gift to friends haha.

Cannot go to trip without the presence of god.

Panel line solution. Yes, people are getting more and more lazy.

These figures are only 1000 yen in the street market at akiharaba.

Limited edition tomica.

The chipsticks that I will never use :)

Little guy that helps you to attract more money.

Trust me, all these are gone within a few weeks.

What do I do with so many toys?

Still thinking ...

Woman japanese mag.

I love this fourze henshin belt.

Got to have this one when it first hits the hobby stores.

My friend from Japan gave me these switches!


How do you not get too many complaints from the wife when skipping town to play for 2+ weeks? Get her one gift that can buy everything at the back ...

It always work ... :)

I should spend sometime to write up where to go in japan for otaku fun. It will be posted later. For now, you can check out my Hong Kong picture guide.

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