setstats Scenes of Japan - 2002

Japan 2002

Yeah! Dig this up from my hard drive. Here is another country I would love to visit again - Japan. I went there twice before. Here is a look from 2002. I stayed in Toyko and Yokohama for 10 days or so.

These three shoots are from top of a tower. I cannot remember the name of it ... anyone?

Yes, it is Mt Fuji.

Hello Kitty Land!

Here is the district famous for shopping! I also ate a couple great mochi from a store with long lines.

It is new year day and we went to a temple.

There is a lot of people with good mood in the air. It is great!

Yes, this is in Japan, not New York.

Japanese Mexican! Actually, Japanese singing western songs.

I love snoopy town. It is a chain store in Japan at that time. I have always been a snoopy fan.


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