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Around Hong Kong

These are the pictures I took back in 2004 around christmas in Hong Kong.

Here is a shoot outside of one of my hotels. You cannot stay at relatives for too long since the space are small and you will scare them if you keep going out at 11pm and don't return until 3am or so.

If you look closer, the right hand side is all set up to do a trade (shopping) show.

There are many many many stores setup to sell various stuffs from kids' toys to snack to books to whatever you can think of. Most of the goods are everyday goods, so no tamiya model, gunpla, etc.

I actually enjoy looking at buildings since I glow up in and around them and there is not too many of them in the states where I live.

Xmas time in Hong Kong Time Square.

The numbers you see in the building is for count down during New Year eve.

A big and live christmas tree inside the shopping mall.

Your kid can only do 4,5 hours of running around. Then, it is auto shutdown time.

The bullet elevators (on the right) are very popular with my kid since you can clearly see things going up and down with the glass "wall".

We do more shopping and he does more sleeping.

Mark and Spencer in Chinese. It is an British department store. I have not see one in the states.

Here is time square around 9,10pm. People everywhere.

There are plenty of taxi if you want to ride one. The oranage square sign (on the right) is from one of the famous wonton noodle stores. Go try it out if you are there.

Here is outside of sogo around 12am. You just get more and more people.

People eventually sleep, but then, you can go to a manga cafe to stay until morning ... or just go kara ok singing.


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