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Hong Kong Park 2004

Yeah! Another good found from my hard disk. Here is Hong Kong Park in 2004. It is a park that I go with my girlfriend (now wife) a lot back in the days when we were young. Everything is still there and look as good as I could remember. I bought my sons back in 2007 and they loved it :)

The kanji said "Hong" "Kong" "Park (the last two words)"

This site with the tower and all is a popular site for wedding picture.

There is path where you can walk behind and around the waterfall. It is cool.

You will see live and fake animals together.

It is interesting to see a beautiful park with reflection of tall and model builds.

The lakes through out have nice decor.

Where are you going?

The garbage can.

All these pictures are taken with my Canon G2. It is not SLR. But the pictures are not bad (by early 2000s standard).

Here is a shoot from behind the waterfall (after we walked the path to go behind it).

Buildings reflecting each others.

Using the path with red handles, you can walk to a higher part of the park.

Beautiful plants are all around you.

There is a green house type of building at the top where you can go in and check out more things. Oh yes, access to the park is free.

It was christmas, so merry christmas decors are all around.

Traditional chinese declaration. The kanji said "Five generation live together" - which is hard to see in the US.

Walking out of the entrance/exit. You can actually walk under the walk if you feel like getting wet.

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