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Fanime 2009

Fanime is an annual anime convention run by the Anime Resource Group (ARG). It is the one of the ten largest anime conventions in North America. It is held in San Jose McEnery Convention Center at San Jose, California. 14,926 people attended Fanime Con in 2008. With the econmy going downhill in 2009 and the wide discussion on how tough it is to be in the anime business these days, we are actually not expecting the anime conventions to do well this year. We have known a few big vendors who just decided to put out of providing big vendor booth in AX. So, we are worry about fanime as well. But boy, what a pleasant surprise we have in Fanime 2009!

Quick Review

You can see the registration line on the left.

An artist in the artist alley (selling buttons).

The arcade room. It feels a little too big with not enough machine in the middle.

A corner of the dealer's room. Most people are looking instead of buying. I talked with a few dealers before we wrapped up on sunday, and unfortunately, they are just counting their losses.

The exit sign of the dealer's room.

A big improvement in fanime is that the updated cosplay gathering are posted in the entrance, so it is very easy to find.

Hope these pictures bring back some good memories.


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