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Fanime 2008

This is Fanime Con in San Jose, May of 2008. Cosplayers are covered extensively in the cosplay section. Fanime is Northern California's largest Japanese Anime convention. In any Anime Convention, the star of the weekend is it's events. Fanime's events have always been a crowd favorite. Each year includes crowd favorites such as Dealers Rooms, Guests of Honor, Cosplay Events, and Anime screening rooms, but also include new and inventive events such as Game Show and The Maid Cafe. (Yukie usually works in the maid cafe, check her out).Fanime is always a frendly local event at San Jose, California. While it is not as big as AX 2008 in terms of number of attendees, the atmosphere of the con is very friendly for con-goer. Things are not as rush rush as other cons from asia or big cities. It is a true con run by fans for fans.

Quick Review:

Fanime Con is fun. Come on down if you are around.


The artist alley. I really enjoy the setup, things that are sold and how friendly everyone is.

The t-shirt people.

This looks like school station or newspaper in the works.

The staff is nice enough to let me entered (with a press pass) a little early to take a few pictures when everything is brandnew waiting to start.

I am never a knife or kitana collector. Are you?

Name the character on the right.

The manga people setting up to rock.

I am not sure if I am correct. But I found the gunpla in AX is lot more cheaper than in Fanime. Am I missing something?

Taiko time!

Did you attend the event with Gainax?

This is the line for the concert.

Sweet and Cute.

What is the movie playing here (in this converted xbox)?

The line for cosplay masquerade wrapped all the way around the tech museum.

I believe someone told me this is the professional guy in the artist alley.

Yes, I asked them to draw while I shoot the pics :)

Real hair?


Ar, I missed the fanimaid cafe last year.

This machine is not easy to "win".

Hope these pictures bring back some good memories.

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