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WonderCon 2011 - Part 4

By Takchun - Con Editor, by OpenLoop Technologies, Inc.

More WonderCon!

Nintendo is here and they are pushing their 3DS. I will get one right away if my left wrist is not broken .... painful as I type here.

More dirty trooper ...

Olive, I missed you. Attack of hte Show is not the same without you. In fact, I have direct TV and they canned G4 altogether.

More green Lantern as the movie is coming in summer of 2011.

I LOVE THE Charles M Schulz Museum. HUGH snoopy fan for years. Learn English using snoopy comic while I am in Hong Kong. LOVE YOU GUYS. Thanks for posting.

Here is the Hilary Vanity girls! They sell good gothic, streampark and fetish stuffs. Check them out at

The cool vendor from SF. I forget the name but see them in a lot of cons.

Here is the story. If you come down and wait in line in a few time slots, you will be able to lucky draw a ticket that will allow you to buy two action figures (each $20) for 40 USD.

Alternatively, you can pay 90 for a set for some vendor who get in line for you.

That is for this year. Hope you guys enjoy the pics!





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