setstats California Coyote Point Museum - Part II

Coyote Point Museum (Part II - The Inside)

Let's continue on the inside of the museum.

By the way, here is the admission fee:

The catch is that there is a $6 fee to get into the park. The museum is inside the park.

After a play area in the middle of the hall. There is an area where it shows you how real eggs can be turned into chicks.

There is also a goat area. The goal is drinking water on the left. But you cannot touch it as in Happy Hollow Park and Zoo at San Jose. (I will have a review later).

Educational area where kids can put bottles around.

The bee story area has real bee nest (in the middle)

The second floor contains very nice exhibit of various items.

Man, I want to have hard wood floor like this at home ...

The universe as in the museum.

Another look at the earth.

There is also an area for wild animals show.

There is a solar fountain just outside of the main door.

Bye-bye museum.


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