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Coyote Point Museum (Part I - The Outside)

I have a friend who organzied a birthday party at Coyote Point Park at San Mateo, California. Tha park happens to contain a museum itself! It is the Coyote Point Museum. To my surprise, the museum is very nice. As illustrated on its offical website, it is "a learning center that inspires each of us to make a lifelong commitment to act responsibly in caring for the earth. We provide engaging, educational experiences for our diverse, multi-generational Bay Area community through wildlife, gardens, exhibitions, and programs that relate to the global environment."

Here is the front of the museum:

The "official" van.

There are a big outside wild life area and an indoor exhibit. Let's go outside first.

You can see real coyote? having a good time.

There are also eagles.

The one with pointy skins - porcupine.

Closeup of eagle.

A little waterfall.

The interesting (necessary but sad) thing is that the eagles are trapped within a net to make sure that they cannot fly away.


Another view of the big net.

The Bobcat is also here.

Interesting enough, the parking lot down from the museum (the area is a hill) is having a car fan gathering for fans of classic america cars. Here is a few shots of the cars.

I suppose a rose royal is not really made in America :)

That is what you want ...


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