setstats Comic Con APE Alternative Press Expo 2009

Comic Con APE Alternative Press Expo 2009

APE is one of those very special shows. It does has its own vibe with it. It is such a nice place to spend a few hours checking out different artists. The show rolls into the city of San Francisco on October 17 and 18, 2009. It is in the Concourse Exhibition Center next to the SF adobe office building. Here are some photos for the event. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is a cool building next to Concourse Exhibition Center.

I actually park on the other side of the street of the adobe office.

The registration area.

If you have a SDCC comic con badge, you get in for free.

Here is a dress up guy.

A shoot to show you that he is a "guy". :)

A lot of very interesting artist tables.

Here is an artist selling some prints of symbols. Very cool.

They are buttons, but cupcakes.

The girl on the left is very cute. I wish I have a better shoot of her :)

They are from rigamaru.

There is a room for programming in APE. And here is the saturday schedule.

And a look inside the room.

Here is a fun group of people.

There is a table full of artist cards and materials attendees can pick up for free (as reference, etc.)

The angry flower.

Giant robot with the cool looking girl in the middle.

I am not sure why this is comic related, but I remember this table from SDCC to here at APE.

The female version is the new one.


Bumperboy is here. I remember saying them from AX and/or SDCC ...

The beautiful Liana Hee.

Jeff Smith (the one who does Bone) is there on Sat for signing.

The nice asian guy in the corner. I remember his face from tv/magazine, but cannot remember his name ... anyone?


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