setstats SDCC 2009 - San Diego Comic Con 2009 - Part 5

Comic Con 2009 - Part 5

Here is part 5 of Comic Con 2009. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. And don't forget to comment at the bottom of the page to show your support!

I have been buying/ordering from HLJ for the past ten plus years (or more ?). I am one of those first batch of customers that faxed my credit card number to HLJ in order to get my goodies from Japan. I view HLJ as one of the most trusted retailers for otaku goods. You will always get genuine goods from HLJ. Their prices are also getting much better with all the sales this year. You can check them out at I never meet anyone "real" from HLJ, so I am so happy to see them in person this year at Comic Con San Diego.

My wife always teases me on checking out too much since I use their pages as the de facto standard on what is new coming out in Japan ...

This is from Mindzeye Studios. I actually really like the boomer. They also have normal bronze color available ... let me think about it until sunday ...

There are many nice hosts at comic con that will greet you in cute uniform like this one.


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