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Chinese New Year Celebrations - 2010 - Part 1

I actually have not really celebrate chinese new year since 1990. It has been a long time. There is no holiday in the US and normally it will be in some random weekdays. Now, I kind of understand tradition (such as chinese new year) is somewhat related to kids. Without kids, we probably will not get back into the mood of digging up old tradition which bring back memory on how my parents celebrate with me.

In any case, we are happy that Chinese School with the help of the parents organized a celebration for the kids and us :)

We start with regular class (kindergarten).

Then, we walked to the cafeteria for the celebration.

Ballons for the kids.

Different types of traditional food.

Check out these sticky rice food!

Class photo for sale.

Chinese music band was preparing for the demo.

Kids were waiting happily.

More nice chinese food.

The lion dance.

Actually, one of the legs were my son. :)

Guest of honor speaking.


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