setstats San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts - Balboa Park

San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts

I start my tour of Balboa Park with this museum. Going to Balboa park for one day and then San Diego zoo the next day is a good combo.

Walk through the pretty entrance.

Check out the direction.

Walk through some more nice buildings.

And hallway.

We will come back to the flower place later.

It is hot as hell, so pick the first one that provides air condition :)

Various art photos are on display.

Another nice piece :P

I kind of remember a staff stopped me at this time and tell me photos should not be taken, etc. Not sure if it is this place or not. (There are 13 or so museum in the park). Most museum allows people taking photos ... not sure about the reason.

The museum has a lot of nice items to buy if you are into photo arts.


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