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San Diego Automotive Museum - Balboa Park

These photos are from summer of 2008. Automotive museum is the last museum I visited on that day in July. The staffs are in the middle of closing the door, and I have to talk my way in ... I drove 5 hours here, have some kids, etc, etc ...

Here is what you see right after the entrance.

The museum is more of a cars (older ones) and culture place. We will not see cutting edge vechicles but there is a lot of classic ones around.

Of course, there is a play area you can go to have your kids burn some energy.

The museum is having a bike show at the time.

I actually went through a bike training course (2 half days) but did not pass the test at the end, so no license. In fact, I feel like getting kill easily about 1 hour into the first day. So, I guess biking is not really my thing. But then, I do enjoy checking them out.

Some classic engine for you to check out.

Some model bikes are also available.

More kid playing time.

One of my ex-IBMer actually drive the same type of car.

The good old days when Ford is king.

More classic cars.

Cars are always fun for kids.


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