setstats Railroad Museum - Balboa Park - San Diego - California - Part 3

Model Railroad Museum - Part 3 - Balboa Park San Diego

Continue on our tour in the model railroad museum with more trains in action. At 27,000 sq. ft., the museum is the largest indoor model railroad display in the world. The individual HO and N scale layouts are among largest of their type. Construction of the model railroads is accomplished by volunteer club members (approximately. 320). Each club is responsible for the design, construction, funding, and operation of its exhibit. Criteria for membership in the individual clubs is determined by each club.

We also discover that there is almost no way to take away your kids from the train corner they love.

In other parts of the musuem, there are various engine with different scales on display.

There are a lot of stuffs to see and discover in the museum.

Some of the dio is really nicely built.

Here is a site building in progress. They will have an old picture of a particular site, and the goal is to use various model trains and custom building to replicate what was in the picture.

Here is a valley shot of a bridge.

Here is a round house (did I get the name right?) for a site in progress. They are still building it.

A train master posted for me.

And ask me to check out the church ...

with a guy inside :)


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