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Mingei International Museum - Balboa Park San Diego

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If you are into beautiful artifacts from around the world. Mingei from Balboa Park will be the right place for you. They even have a traditional looking Hello Kitty japanese room.

This is outside of the hello kitty room.

While the name Mingei implies Japanese, there are actually all types of artifacts in the museum. It reveals the beauty of use in folk art, craft and design from all eras and cultures of the world.

The word mingei, meaning 'art of the people,' was coined by the revered Japanese scholar Dr. Sōetsu Yanagi by combining the Japanese words for all people (min) and art (gei). Yanagi's teachings awakened people to the essential need to make and use objects that are unfragmented expressions of head, heart and hands.

Established in 1978, Mingei International Museum collects, conserves and exhibits these arts of daily use - by anonymous craftsmen of ancient times, from traditional cultures of past and present and by historical and contemporary designers.

Mingei International's museums in Balboa Park, San Diego and in Downtown Escondido, California open a window on the great world, revealing similarities and distinctions of individuals and cultures in art of the people, and inspiring people to express their own innate creativity. Everything is "open", so you have to make sure your kids are good that day.

That is a nice dress.

Yeah, a USA flag.


It is right inside balboa park in case you cannot find it, here is a couple signs :)



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