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AX 2010 - Gundam

Where do the gumdams come from? It is actually from a booth called bluefin in the exhibit hall. Bluefin has one of the biggest booths about gundam in Fanime, AX and Comic Con. Back 3 some years ago, their booth is smaller, more packed and the prices are great. Now, the booth is so much bigger and unfortunately the prices for some items go up quite a bit. I used to buy so much PG and MG from them. It is kind of hard to find something that is cheaper than the Internet since they asked for tax now. There are still some very good deals, you just have to look for them. In any case, I am glad to see them in every con I go to.

This year. Bluefin actually sets up a lot of display in the middle. And the Bandai competition items are actually displayed inside. Here are some of the cool gundams:


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