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AOD 2011 - Part 2

More AOD!

Yes, there are a lot of cute cosplayers around.

Yes, he is cool although I have no idea what character this is.

Another artist table. And check out the pretty one on the right hand side :) Well, the happy birthday table might catch your attention first ...

The artitst corner is down stair just like last year. A lot of very interested items are available.

The always popular sailor moon panel.

Otaku Bowl?

This is a good one. I enjoy the art work.

There is a table just like in APE, wonder con, etc. where you can drop down marketing materials.

The main events of AOD.

The AOD map.

The starcraft panel.

I saw her a couple of times in some other cons.

She has a very cute face (I don't really need to tell you, do I?)


Love this cosplay!

Check out the backpack.

Check out the other pages!

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