AOD 2010 - Part 1

I have never been to AOD before. For people who are not in the bay area, Animation on Display (AOD) is a San Francisco-based convention that features Japanese animation, (relatively recent) cartoons, and their related interests. It is a family-friendly event where people can meet, bond, and share their interests with fellow enthusiasts.  We usually don't go to a con that is smaller than a certain size but super cute Yoko san is nice enough to request a photoshoot and I just think I should give AOD a try. I have to say that AOD is small but extremely fun. People are friendly and things are cool. And I have to say that it is hard to go wrong to have an anime conference in SF Japantown where all the good food and japanese stuffs are all nice door. Anyway, here are the some AOD site and cosplayer pics. Enjoy:

Well, she is not exactly a cosplayer. She is actually a vendor selling j-pop type of japanese fashion in the dealer room. And I am sure you will agree with me that she is very pretty :)

The line for registration.

Cosplay artist.

Please name this character ...

More artists.

The one is?

The game room.

I know him, but somehow cannot recall the exact name ...


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