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Huge Playhouse!

This is in theory a scale model of a house :) It is the 6-in-1 Town Center Playhouse by Little Tikes. Since I have 50% of living beings at home that are kids, I decided to give 50% of living space to kids. So, a huge playhouse in the living room will be a good start to let them have fun.

The parts are huge, so I need my truck to move them from Toysrus. In fact, it is so big that my ridgeline cannot take the box. I have to take the parts out and put them in the truck bed. This happens to be the first thing I bought since I got the truck.

Here are the sides of the playhouse. The one in the middle is the roof.

Put the door on first.

Then, the tool holder board.

Next, we move to the kitchen side of the house. The refrigerator opens and the sink has parts they can play.


Here is the sport side.

Finish the soccer net.

Now, here comes the hard part. The assemby of the house is not easy at all. You have to force the parts to have them put together. They fit but you have to work on them ...

The base bars with two stable sides.

It is very secure/stable when done.

One of the swing out side doors is installed.

The little one cannot wait to get in.

Yeah. It is done.

Some people wonder if the kids got tired of the house. In fact, the house was a toy in the first few weeks. After a few months, it becomes a place they will go to. So, after a couple years, it is still very popular, it is just a nice place for them to play pretend and so on. So, they keep using it day after day. And if you have kids party, every kid will love it.


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