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Great Sky Demon Dragon Gaiking (大空魔竜ガイキング) was a Super Robot mecha anime series produced by Toei Animation, credited as an original idea by Akio Sugino. It ran from April 1976 through January 1977 and consisted of 44 26-minute episodes.

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu is a sequel to the original series was aired in TV Asahi from November 12, 2005 to September 24, 2006, lasting in a total of 39 episodes. This version features a completely different story and main character. However, some of the names are very similar to the original series.

Both Daikū Maryū and Gaiking have similar designs to the originals; Gaiking's torso is still skull shaped and the support machines come from Daikū Maryū and the open face form of Gaiking is a tribute to the old Gaiking. There's also the introduction of two new mechs: Raiking and Vulking which can combine with Gaiking to form Gaiking the Great.

This anime is on my to watch list (if I can get a hold of it).

I picked this item up from Hong Kong Toy Festival back in 2007. It is from a local (Hong Kong) company called Most Wanted. I was very happy when I picked it up since it looks nicely built and big as heck to display.

The problem starts when upon opening the box. I believe Most Wanted might be relatively new (compared with Bandai and other Japanese counterpart). There are minimum packaging. Minimum in this case means only a few plastic wire that loop through the limbs in a paper card board. There is a reason why bandai put so much packaging in any box they shipped. You need things to hold the figure during transportation. So, the trip from Hong Kong to silicon valley broke his wing and part of the body.

The broken month in the body.

The broken wing and the paint chip due to poor packaging.

Oh yes, there is one more bad thing. The left and right legs are not the same! I am not sure what happened here. But you can see the right leg has two lines cutting through to the white knee part but the left one is smoothed out (not lines). Anyway, another problem of displaying the figure in hot california summer is that the Gaiking will lead back a little (almost a half inch or so) and resulted in not really standing straight ...

Anyway, have to spend some time, but did fix them all up for display.

I have to say that it does look impressive on display.

Check out his little brother. (Also from most wanted).

Since it cost almost $100 USD, I was hoping for better quality and packaging. So, if you worked for Most Wanted, I would be happy to give you another more detail product review for something that is better. Just drop me an email at richard at openhappy dot com. Really want to see a Hong Kong toy company able to compete with the big boys in Japan ...

Do you own anything from Most Wanted?


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