setstats Benjamin First Swimming Class - June 2009

The First Swimming class - Happy Fish Swim School

Here is the last session of Benjamin's first swimming class ever :) Happy fish is a year round indoor swim school for kids. The pool is warm and the teachers are nice. Nicholas (the older brother) is also at Happy Fish for a few months. But Benjamin is just a lot more water friendly. He is just having fun :)

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He starts from the edge of the pool with the teacher.

Everyone takes turn. There are three in the class.

May EE's cute son is also in the same class.

Wait, Nicholas is just "next door" practicing his moves.

Benjamin's turn. First, make sure there is no water getting into the eyes.


When the turn is over, he goes back chilling with girl in the same class.

Nicholas is doing more practice on the other side.

Ar, your flash is too strong ...

Another turn. The basic goal of the first class is to make sure the kid is not afraid of water, learn how to jump into water, etc.


Water game is also part of the class.

Nicholas is learning his side breathing (which he always wants to lift the whole head and makes himself sink :).

More ball play for Benjamin.

Back float time.

Holding ...


Arrrr ...

10 seconds. High five!

The faster left and right water turn.

More floating.

The facial expression is very funny when he is about to sink.

You can tell there is a lot of floating. I guess the goal is to make sure the kid gets used to having water around the ears.


Done. Done. The last part is to jump into water which Benjamin enjoys a lot. (I did not have a shoot since I need to get ready to take shower for them).

You can check out the swim school at

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