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1/5 Sonsaku Hakufu 2 by Musashiya

Sonsaku Hakuhu from "Ikki Tousen" makes a dramatic and huge figure in this 1/5-scale coldcast offering from Musashiya! At 35cm (nearly 14 inches) tall, she's a big girl who makes a big impression! She's got a big smile as she balances on one foot in an action pose in her short China dress. Limited to just 300 pieces production. I will have light box pics posted later (if I can figure out how to deal with something this big .. )

Note: This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists. Please click back if you are under 18.

The box is huge! Bigger than anything I can remember. Well, except the couple half scale (1/2) resin kit I have ... we get to those in a couple of years :)

Opening the box.

Here is a nice touch, there is a handle for you to pull it out safely.

Internal of the box.

Everything is good and nicely protected.

First, I took the base out.

She actually is able to stand on one leg.

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