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Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I RC Complete Set - The Turret

First pass of the top of the turret is done. Prime, pre-shadow, german grey, post shadow, wash, top coat.

Here is another upgrade of the kit. The gun barrel is a after market one piece aluminum tube. Same procedure to prepare: sand, metal prime, grey prime, then paint.

They are resting after the top transparent coat.

Prime the turret body and the two doors.

Did the painting as the body, and applied a couple decal to see what it will look like.

Not very happy about the water sliding decals. In some angles, it looks like they are painted on. In some other angles, you can clearly see the silvering.

I actutally did the whole 9 yards with micro set, micro sol, etc. In a bad case, the micro sol actually eat into the clear coat and paint ...

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