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1/200 Bandai HCM Pro Zaku II Land Type

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Yes, I am a zaku fan. I like it even better than any gundam.

This is 1/200 HCM Pro MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type. (It is also called Land Type).

Appear as part of Mobile Suit Variations, design by Kunio Okawara. The J-Type Zaku II was built specifically for terrestrial operations, and thus lacked space-specific equipment, greatly reducing its overall mass and cost. It also featured a slightly more powerful reactor to assist in its mobility under the full-gravity conditions of Earth. Compared to the F-type Zaku, the J-type was better insulated against its environment, and could be used in brief underwater operations. Its weapons were the same as its spaceborne counterpart, though a few weapons, such as the 175mm Magella Top gun were used only by the land types.

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