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AOD 2012 Panel Report - Gundam Model Building 101 - Busy Person Version

We have a super great time in San Francisco with our Gundam Model Building 101 panel. Big super special thanks to HobbyLink Japan (http://www.hlj.com) for being the exclusive sponsor of our panel. Everyone is so happy to receive a free gundam kit from HobbyLink Japan. Also, I have to thank my Internet buddy (rrobbert184 from YouTube / http://gundamreviews.net ) for providing us a cool short video on "SF AOD - Gundam tk 's 2011 Gunpla Year in Review with Openhappy.com" from Japan. We have around 50 some people for the panel with standing room only at the end. And everyone loves the free kit.

Everyone is super happy with the free kit from HobbyLink Japan (http://www.hlj.com)!

We show off some of the free kits in the beginning of the panel. And I have my DOM sweater to match them.

People getting ready to start. More people come as time goes.

Thank you to our sponsor - HobbyLink Japan (http://www.hlj.com)!

Thank you for my Internet buddy (rrobbert184 from YouTube / http://gundamreviews.net) !

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