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Revoltech Regult

There are many many Valkyrie types of figures in the Macross universe. However, only a few Zentraedi mecha has been produced. And here is a new one! Kaiyodo has finally produced a super-poseable Revoltech action figure of one of the most recognizable of Zentraedi mecha: the one-man tactical pod Regult!

I actually got this free from Comic Con (SDCC) in the summer of 2009. It is buy two get one free. So, my friend just give one to me :)

I have a good guy, so this will pair him up real nice.

That is all the parts. No optional hands (of course).

It is 14cm to the top of its oval-shaped body, the distinctive bird-legged machine features 30 points of articulation, including nine Revolver joints.

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